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10 Reasons Why You Need a VPN Today

There's a ton of reasons to use a VPN. Security, anonymity and privacy are the main ones. But there's more benefits you may not have known. I've narrowed it down to an easy to read list of 10.

Skim through it below. I guarantee you'll be convinced by the end if you're not already.

1) Keep Your Family Safe Online


Nothing matters more in life than your family.

Whether you're a father, mother or son - you can take the action you need to keep your family safe today.

The internet is a dangerous place. With millions of cyber attacks a day, invasive government spying and hackers trying to steal your identity - you need to stay safe.

A VPN keeps your family safe. It adds an extra layer of security over everything you do online and safeguards your family from the many dangers we all face online.

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2) Stop Your Internet Provider from Spying On You


Nobody likes being spied on. The sad fact is in our current day it's becoming easier and easier for our internet provider (ISPs) to spy on us. The US congress & senate recently passed legislation which makes it legal for your internet provider to sell your browsing data.

Beyond that ISPs can access your information and share it with government if requested.

The dirty truth is... your internet provider logs everything you do. From the websites you visited, the shows you downloaded to the emails you sent.

When you use a VPN, you're essentially blocking them from spying on you.

3) Use Public Wi-Fi Without Any Risk


If you're like me, you love free stuff. The only problem with free wifi is how unsafe it is.

Anytime you're connecting to public wifi whether it's at a coffee shop, hotel or airport - you're giving hackers the opportunity to spy on everything you do. From bank logins, to emails and passwords and more. All it takes is one bad person to intercept your data and do massive damage.

I've personally had my credit cards hacked multiple times years ago just by using public wi-fi traveling.

That's where the VPN comes in. A good VPN will protect you from these hackers by making it impossible to track or see what you're doing. You can even install it on your phone.

I use a VPN at all times now and I literally just feel more relieved in public!

4) Keep Hackers & The Government Out of Your Life


It feels weird to put hackers and government in the same category, but it's sadly accurate!

After the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden released shocking truths about mass surveillance in 2013, the topic of cyber security become widely discussed around the world.

It's a sad truth that nearly everything we do online is tracked, technically illegally by our governments.

It's your right as a free citizen to protect you and your family from unwanted surveillance.

A VPN basically puts a wall between the hackers or the government and you. It makes it nearly impossible to track your online activity, giving you the freedom of privacy you deserve.

5) Protect Yourself from Identity Theft


Identity theft is the number one threat to Americans online. There are millions of hackers around the world trying to steal your information for financial gain.

Until it's happened to you, it's hard to fully understand how awful it is. But it is awful! If your identity is stolen it can disrupt your life to the point where your job, credit score and friendships are ruined.

Think of a VPN as a shield against identity theft. It adds an extra layer of security to prevent hackers having access to you and your family's information.

6) Watch Whatever You Want at School or Work


You know that feeling when you're at school or work and can't open up YouTube or your favorite site?

You won't have to feel that again after you start using a VPN! VPNs allow you to get around work and school restrictions on websites. So you can go back to browsing Reddit, YouTube or those forbidden pleasures in your free time. Just don't let your boss see you.

7) Access Blocked Videos From Anywhere


Tired of seeing these kinds of messages? You're not alone.

Fortunately you won't see them as much when you start using a VPN. Because VPNs let you connect through servers in dozens of countries, you can bypass these country restrictions easily!

Although some services like Netflix have begun trying to block VPNs, they still work with many services like Hulu, Pandora Radio, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and many more! Many of the main VPN services are even trying to get around the Netflix changes as well.

8) Bypass Government Censorship


More now than ever, governments around the world are trying to censor the internet. From SOPA and PIPA to full on blocks of websites in China, India, the UK and other countries.

The powers that be are trying to police what you can & cannot access to maintain their control over us.

VPNs are a great way to fight back against this censorship. With a VPN you can essentially get around any government imposed block. Great for those affected at home or those traveling to foreign countries where there's not as much freedom online.

9) Share Files Privately


If you're someone who likes to download shows or movies online, a VPN is needed!

VPNs allow you to share files privately and stay completely anonymous. Without using a VPN it's very possible your internet provider or government could send you a notice for downloading copyrighted files.

This has happened throughout many states in the US. Using a VPN decreases the chance of this happening to practically zero.

10) Because Privacy is Your Right


You and your family are free citizens with the right to privacy.

No matter how oppressive our governments become, we have the power to remain anonymous and protect ourselves from illegal spying and prying eyes. We have the power to defend ourselves against those who would rather censor information and control our thoughts.

Using a VPN is one of the smartest choices you can make in this cyber world we live in. To protect yourself from the many dangers of the internet and to exercise your god given right to privacy.


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